Full Specifiction

  • General
  • Brand : Kent
  • Model : 11076 New Grand 8-Litres
  • Color : White
  • Capacity : 8 L
  • Purifying Technology : RO + UV+ UF + TDS
  • Power Feature
  • Power Requirement : Single Phase 100 - 250 V AC , 50-60 Hz
  • Operating Voltage : 240 V
  • Power Consumption : 60 W
  • Dimensions
  • Width : 25.5 cm
  • Height : 53.5 cm
  • Depth : 39.9 cm
  • Weight : 9.400 kg

Kent Grand RO Plus New Water Purifier that helps to purify your water and provides you with fresh and clean drinking water so that you are protected from all water related diseases.

User-friendly interface design it helps you to easy operate the water purifier. 
The purifier works fine with brackish water provided by most city municipalities.

Kent Grand uses multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control, which removes dissolved impurities, salts and kills bacteria & viruses to provide 100% pure water for drinking.

Kent Grand RO Plus New Water Purifier comes with stunning performance that tends to provide you with exceptional purification technique. 

They are been incorporated with Mineral RO Technology that retains essential natural minerals in purified water using the TDS controller thereby providing 100 % safe and tasty drinking water. 

It is pass from multi-stage process of RO,UV,UF,TDS Control and UV disinfection, the drinking water is made 100% safe for consumption.